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Efficient antivirus against ZeuS banking trojan

When the web knew ZeuS banking virus, this completely changed the global Internet community. The trojan was smart enough to steal huge sums of money from the Internet users, using remote access. It is capable of tracing the accounts and sending any information from the infected computer to the intruders.

ZeuS proved to be able to cheat any existing computer protection system. It can bypass all the known security methods, including DiggiPass (Go3), which is highly trusted in banking business, certificates and keys to access to private accounts, and extra authentication forms.

Virus is propagating so fast that so far over 3 million computers only in America experienced the infection. Thus ZeuS may be proud to account for 8% from the worldwide total number of virus attacks. It also accounts for incredible amounts of money lost due to its activity. The financial damage can be easily imagined if you knew that 1% of infection cases ended up with stealing 10,000 to 100,000 dollars and 5% more – with smaller damages. Unfortunately, it affects not only private accounts, but the corporate as well, where companies may store money for employees’ payments.

Virus has got a classical scheme of work: it steals the victim's money within a single banking session if the user logged in to payment service through the affected PC. With the news that virus’s last edition has got Virtual Network Computing, we may draw a conclusion that it now doesn’t need any user’s participation in the process. It makes the trojan able to pass authorization in many banking systems and use your browser in such a way that you won’t notice anything, and finally transfer the money from any account. The current recommendation is not to use Firefox and Internet Explorer as they are the most vulnerable to ZeuS.

ZeuS attacks many companies and banks. For example, Europe and America register numerous attacks on the Bank of America and Fidelity retirement accounts, alongside with Option Express, E-Trade and Thinkorswim.

Even in Russia, where online banking is not developed on a large scale, the virus is very active. People holding accounts in Citibank and Alfa-Bank should take care of their money, as well as those using Qiwi, WebMoney, Assist and Yandex.Money.

In addition, people having credit cards should be careful as well, as it’s now quite simple for the virus to transmit the billing address from statistics and again lure your money away through a variety of online shops.

Until recent news, thanks to polymorphic encryption the virus got, it was considered impossible to neutralize ZeuS trojan for 100% security. Even popular antivirus with updated database often could do nothing to block it. But now the solution is found: Shield EC, a remarkable innovation, is represented by Martindale Enterprises Limited. The developers guarantee it can assure the complete protection of a computer against this trojan.

The application was born as a result of enduring collaboration with ZeuS Tracker, and now the new antivirus is offered to all kinds of users, including large corporations, as it can efficiently protect them from money losses from their accounts.

The magic antivirus can be purchased on the official distributors’ sites. Its price is somewhere around $70, which can be compared to the potential losses that might occur due to ZeuS activity.

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